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     Shenzhen Leather Gift Kingdom

     Tel:86 755 23078526   Fax:86 755 23078525

     Mob:18028734565  E-mail:leo@www.zhongchuancm.cn

     Msn:leoeaglet@hotmail.com     Skype:leoeaglet

    Add:3/F 105# Xiangxi xinwei,Guanlan Town,Baoan district,Shenzhen,China

    Shenzhen leather gift kingdom is a professional manufacturer which sets design、development、production、sales as whole team.

    We are specializes in leather product、gift package、notebooks、leather case etc.

    Our company is located in Guanlan town,Shenzhen city.up to now with well-established and has the advanced production equipment and high quality management and technical personnel, and its perfect quality guarantee system.

    Since established with its novel style, diversified products, and excellent quality, and rapid delivery, competitive price, and improve after-sales service, always get the general customers the high praise.On management, we pursue high efficiency and excellence, for every process standardization. we have senior designers to make version of different style products to meet changing market demand.We believe that you can choose satisfactory products from our variety of products . we can also product according to your special requirements.

    Leather case:
    ipad case、PDA case、book case、phone case etc leather case.

    Packing:wine box、jewellery box、cosmetic box、mooncake box etc.

    Notebook:organizer、planner、portfolio、file holder、etc.

    Office stationery:file basket、memo box、card holder、pen container etc.

    Home decoration:photo frame、photo album、cosmetic mirror、leather condole、ash-bin、storage container、gift basket etc.

    Others: wallet、card case、passport holder、bags、cosmetic bag、purse、letter clip、etc leather productions.

    We always adhering to the
    principle of "market-oriented, regard customer as the center, adhere to the quality of the first, quality service" , as always, for dealers, agents and other customers with dedicated service. We looking forward to your visit and create a brilliant future!

    Copyright @ 2012 Shenzhen Leather Gift Kingdom @ All Rights

    Tel:0755-23078526 0755-27652709 Fax:0755-23078525

    Mob:18028734565/18902848019 Email:lgkingdom@126.com

    Add:3/F 105# Xiangxi xinwei,Guanlan Town,Baoan district,Shenzhen,China

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